Adorable Bugs for Insect-Loving Kids PLUS Cuddle Bugs Free Printable Art

If you have a cute little Love Bug or bug-loving kiddo in your life, these adorable bugs for insect-loving kids will have you smiling. From great gifts to room decor and more, these bugs would love to come home with you!

Adorable Bugs for Insect-Loving Kids Plus FREE Printable Art Cover Picture

Adorable Bugs for Insect-Loving Kids

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I recently became a little fascinated with printables. Okay, I actually became a lot fascinated with printables. And I found a source for some really beautiful clip art that I can use to make all kinds of things. One such set is all these gorgeous little bugs, along with flowers and mushrooms. I couldn’t resist making a really cute set of art printables perfect for a nursery. I’m kind of proud of them, actually. Here’s the link to the Cuddle Bugs Nursery Set in my Etsy shop, if you’d like to check them out.

But making those made me think about some of the cute bug toys my kids had when they were little. And that got me exploring in Amazon to see what is out there now. What I found is a lot of really cute things, ranging from items to decorate with to cute toys and useful items for kids and toddlers. If you have a little cutie in your life, you might just find something you love.

Creative Bath Products Cute as a Bug Toothbrush Holder

If decorating your kid’s bug-themed room also includes a bathroom, this sweet Bug toothbrush holder is a must have. Part of a set designed to fill the bathroom with adorable bugs, your kids will love these creepy-crawlie cuties!

Kids Garden Tool Set with Tote, Tools Handles Made As “Cute Bugs”

Perfect for the sand box or working next to you in the garden, this sweet little Kid’s Garden Set features caterpillar handles on the little spade, rake and shovel. Perfect for the bug-loving kiddo with style!

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Happy Giddy Flip-Up Sunglasses for Kids Cute Bug Design

While your kiddo is playing in the sand box or garden with cool buggy tools, or simply out on the town with you, protect his or her eyes from the sun with these super cute sunglasses. You know you’ll have to take some cute pictures with these!

Creative Bath Products Cute as a Bug Lotion Dispenser

Another great item for your baby’s beautiful buggy bathroom (how’s that for alliteration?) is this lotion dispenser. With polka dots, flowers, and a friendly dragonfly, there is simply no resisting the cuteness?

M2cbridge Cute Toddler Backpack Baby Plush Small School Shoulder Bag

No matter how cute and sweet and precious they are, from time to time, all kids can be a bug. But with this cute toddler backpack you can turn them into an adorable bug on purpose, or at least attach a gigantic one to their backs. Okay, that’s the stuff of nightmares, usually. But you can’t go wrong with this plush backpack on your kiddo. That’s the stuff of great photos!

Infants Ladybug Cute Play Costume Unisex-baby (7 – 15 months)

And if you’re really into this adorable bug thing for your kids, you know you have to dress your baby up in this little ladybug costume! Yes, even boy babies, too. After all, remember that Francis the ladybug from A Bug’s Life was a boy, too!

Creative Bath Products Cute as a Bug Soap Dish

While you’re putting together your cute as a bug bathroom, don’t forget a great soap dish. My favorite part is the cute little bug perched on the edge, looking all friendly and pleased with himself. Maybe he’s just happy with the brand of soap you use?

Julvie Toddler Kid’s 3D Cute Cartoon Ladybug Backpack for Boys and Girls

Another great backpack for making your kids look like a bug – or like they have a gigantic ladybug attached to their back. This one isn’t all cute and fuzzy either. This is a backpack with substance, perfect for protecting your little bug’s belongings in a big way!

Colorful Cute Bugs And Snails Cotton Toddler Baby Kid T-shirt Tee 6mo Thru 7t

With adorable bugs and cute little snails, how can you go wrong? This sweet little toddler t-shirt is so cute, and gives kids the perfect opportunity to learn the names of all their favorite creepy crawlies. The biggest problem is that eventually, they’ll grow out of their shirt!

Sassy Jitter N’ Go Bug Toy

This sassy little bug is all about the fun. She jitters and shakes and makes kids giggle and smile. With bright colors and a friendly little face, she’ll be a favorite of your little one in no time at all!

Roll-a-Rounds Pull & Spin Caterpillar

Kids love to walk around with pull toys and this awesome little caterpillar does not disappoint. Friendly green face and a body ready for carrying all the things. Okay, it isn’t really all the things, but when those little balls spin around, they can be quite mesmerizing and fun!

Hape Build-A-Bug Wooden Toddler Sorter Learning Puzzle

Toddler sorter puzzles are one of my favorite things with their cute little pictures and wooden pieces. This precious little bug puzzle teaches your little one about triangles, circles, and more, while your baby matches friendly bugs with the rest of their bodies. Who says bugs can’t teach?

Toy Cubby Wind-Up Colorful Flipping Bugs-6 pieces

These little wind-up flipping bugs are just so much fun. Hand them to a group of little kids and watch the giggling begin. Cute and lightweight, these cute little critters won’t hurt anyone with their antics, but they might make for a lot of jumps and surprised laughter. Have a video camera handy so you can catch the fun!

Coolplay Cute Musical Ladybug Grasping Toy with Light and Sound for Baby Kids

Babies love bright friendly faces and the big smile on this ladybug is quite charming. This grasping toy is perfect for tiny hands and teething mouths. The cute lights and musical sounds will make this a favorite of your little cuddle bug!

VTech Crazy Legs Learning Bugs

My favorite thing about this toy is that there is just so much going on with it. Friendly critters and lots of shapes to sort, along with bright colors and so much more, this VTech toy provides lots of fun and learning for the cuddle bug in your life!

If you and your kids love cute bugs – and really, who doesn’t? – you’re sure to find something fun with this list! And to get the buggy fun started, why not grab these free Printable pieces of artwork? They print up nicely on 8.5 x 11 paper and will look great in a frame, hanging on the wall. Available in JPG, these are free for your personal use!

And for more Cuddle Bug Nursery Fun, be sure and visit my Etsy shop and buy the whole set!


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