Awesome Ways to Define Covfefe That Will Make You Happy (or Angry)

There are so many wonderful ways to define Covfefe these days, we simply had to pick some of our favorites to share with all of you! We offer these in the spirit of fun. If you are a Trump supporter, you may find some of these offensive. We don’t wish to be divisive in any way. We just find Word Play to be amusing and some of these are quite creative.

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Awesome Ways to Define “Covfefe” That Will Make You Happy (or Angry)

Shortly after midnight on May 31st, Donald Trump tweeted the following: “Despite the constant negative press covfefe.”

This seemingly cryptic bit of writing has opened the floodgates for his critics and supporters alike to to attempt to define “covfefe”. Varied and amusing, some of these even sound slightly plausible. Except . . . . NOT. Caught up in this embarrassing late-night gaffe, Trump has been one of the few to decline to give his interpretation of this pseudo-word.

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The following candidates for a definition of “covfefe” may annoy or irritate Trump’s supporters. Consider yourself warned that some of the humor coming your way will be at the expense of “45”. However, in fairness to everyone involved, we enjoy a good laugh and we feel that the more we can all laugh together, the less divided we will be. So, without further fanfare, we bring you some of our favorite ways to define covfefe.

An Incovfspiracy Theory?

Spicer’s Razor – It could be that the mystery word has a meaning only those in the Trumpian inner-circle can understand. According to Trump’s own press secretary, Sean Spicer, “the president and a small group of people knew exactly what he meant”. Maybe it is time to call in Robert Langdon from “The Da Vinci Code” to help us make sense of this message. He’s great with covfspiracies!

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The Covfefe Code

The Covfefe Code by Dan Caprera – You know, my idea of turning this whole mess over to someone who knows all about codes and secret meanings might actually be the best! Check this out and let’s see what Mr. Langdon can accomplish when it comes to figuring out the cryptic word “Covfefe”.

A Travel Guide for the Island of Covfefe

An Insider’s Look at the Isle of Covfefe From Conde Nash Traveler

Another of our favorite ways to define covfefe is to consider that perhaps Covfefe is actually a wonderful travel location. Conde Nash Traveler explored that idea in this wonderful Travel Article. Their description of the cuisine alone – “Islanders make do with what little they can cultivate, supplemented by bi-monthly drone air-drops of government-subsidized staples. That said, minuscule capers, tiny sardines, lame duck, and a blindingly white farmer’s cheese can be found in abundance” – will have you ready to book a trip!

Covfefe: The Broadway Medley

Maybe in the midst of all of this searching for understanding we should take a quick break for a musical interlude. This one from Randy Rainbow may even give us some new directions in which to look for the elusive covfefe definition.

The End of the World As We Know It?

Pentagon Officials Scramble To Change Nuclear Code From ‘Covfefe’ – Of course “covfefe” may an even more important, more critical, more secretive meaning than we have imagined. After all, as commander in chief, Trump would have all kinds of Top Secret information rattling around in his head. Launch codes???

What’s Hers is His . . . and Hers

Covfefe . . . For Her – Another possibility for what will surely come to be known as “the covfefe kerfuffle” is that it may be a marketing ploy for a new product to be introduced by a certain member of the Trump family to compliment her clothing line. How would that look, I wonder?

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Another Tainted Vaccination!

Breaking News: Trace Amounts of Covfefe Found in Childhood Vaccinations

One thing we know for certain is that until we find out exactly what “covfefe” is, we don’t want to expose our innocent children to it!

Doggone It We Still Like Him!

It might be, in the long run, we are best off turning to an elected member of the United States Senate – Al Franken – to see if he can shed any light on the “covfefe” mystery.

Ultimately, I guess we may never have a concrete answer for what “Covfefe” really is. But maybe some things are better left unknown. This way, we are all free to ponder this enigma and interpret it the way we choose – in the way that makes the most sense to us. After all, we’re Americans, and figuring things out is what we do. We are completely capable of deciding things without any need for scientific deduction, reason, proof, “help” from foreign governments, or logic.

At least that’s how it seems some days. Of course it was that attitude that helped create this “covfefe” mess in the first place. At least we have some ways to stay amused while we endure the turmoil!

What are some of your favorite ways to define covfefe? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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