Buying Your Child a Bike For Christmas

If you are buying your child a bike for Christmas, these handy tips will help you make a purchase your kid will enjoy all year long!

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Buying Your Child a Bike For Christmas


One of the most iconic presents a child dreams of finding under the tree on Christmas morning is a new bicycle. Bikes can provide fun, exercise, and a sense of independence. As a parent, you have to remember that your child will only benefit from a bike if it is one they enjoy and are proud to be seen on.

Purchasing a new bicycle has gotten a lot trickier than it used to be. There are more styles and types of bicycles on the market than ever before. It’s up to you to determine which model is going to be most appropriate for your young person. For some, the basic cruiser bike will be a perfect match. Others may prefer a rugged-looking mountain bike, or the sleek lines of a road bike. Having a talk with your youngster before heading out on your “bike quest” can help make your goals clearer.


Know What You’re Buying and Best Place to Purchase


There are some basic considerations to keep in mind when selecting a bicycle. What materials is it made of? What accessories are available – how customizable is it, and how easy to maintain? And, of course, how much is it going to cost? Going to a shop that specializes in bicycles can be a good way to get answers to any questions you have about the varieties and characteristics of bikes. But for a wide selection and reasonable pricing, a big-box retail store may be the best choice for your wallet. If you have questions, take advantage of the expertise you’ll find at a bike shop. But if money is tight, don’t be afraid to save yourself money by using that knowledge to find the right bike at another store.

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Get the Right Size Bike For Your Child


You’ve determined the type of bicycle that will fulfill your child’s dreams. Now it’s time to make sure you purchase the right size. It may be tempting to treat a bike like an article of clothing – buying one a size larger that they can “grow into”. But if a bike is too large, it can discourage your child from riding it. And if it is large and unwieldy, riding that bike could lead to accidents and injuries. It is better for you and your child to get the correct size bike right from the start.

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Bike Sizing Made Easy


To find the correct size bicycle for your child you need to begin with the “stand over height”. This refers to the clearance between the crossbar (of a boy’s bike) and the child’s crotch when straddling the bike flat-footed. One to two inches of space should be ideal. If the bicycle is a surprise, just check your child’s clothing to find their inseam. Subtract a couple of inches from that measurement and you should have a good guideline to use when determining the bike’s size. After the child has received their shiny new gift you can make the needed adjustments to the seat and handlebars to ensure that he or she is comfortable and in full control of their new form of transportation.

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Helmets and Accessories


After you have determined the correct style and size of the bicycle that will delight your child, there are other purchases to consider. For safety and practicality, be sure your child has a properly fitting approved bicycle helmet. You may also wish to consider knee and/or elbow pads, especially if your child is a beginning rider. If your young person will be riding their new bike to the store or to school, a sturdy bike lock is a must-have.

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Another class of accessories are those items which add a personal touch to your young rider’s bike. Customization can be fun and will make that new bike stand out in a crowd. These accessories can include things like a light, a bell, a horn, a basket, decals, or any other items that add to the uniqueness of the new bicycle.


The Gift of a Lifetime


The gift of a new bicycle lights up the face of a child like nothing else can. If these few steps are followed, it could be the beginning of a lifelong affair with the two-wheeled world. These days, people are getting the benefits of bicycle riding well into their golden years. For each of them, it started with that first bike.

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