Chicken Noodle Stuff – Super Frugal Recipe

Chicken Noodle Stuff is one of those meals that may never taste or look the same way twice. It is a completely flexible dish you make from whatever ingredients you have available. The version I made for this recipe is incredibly inexpensive, making it a perfect Super Frugal Recipe.


Chicken Noodle Stuff

Defining a recipe by its name can be tricky. What I call Chicken Noodle Stuff is any dish I make that consists of chicken, noodles, vegetables, and sauce. It can be incredibly inexpensive or elevated to where you’d be proud to serve it to guests.

This version is about as inexpensive as it gets. It is a perfect recipe when your bank account is gasping and you still have a few days until payday.

It Starts with Chicken

You can make it with either canned chicken or fresh. I used two cups of chicken I stored in the freezer from making a batch of Basic Baked Chicken Leg Quarters.

Chicken Meat Bagged

Followed by Noodles

Chicken Noodle Stuff works well with a wide variety of noodles. I had some egg noodles I wanted to use up, so I got them cooking while the chicken heated up in the skillet.

Egg Noodles

Add Some Sauce

Once the noodles are cooked and drained, you want to add some sort of sauce. I have used tomato sauce with canned tomatoes of various sorts. Different soups give a variety of flavors to play with, too. (The cream style work best.) If you have cheese, that makes a nice addition, too. For this batch, I tossed the noodles in the skillet with the chicken and stirred in two cans of Cream of Mushroom Soup.

Mushroom Soup

Don’t Forget the Vegetables

This recipe works great with a wide variety of vegetables. I don’t care for potatoes in it, because potatoes in a noodle dish seems a bit weird to me. But most other things seem to work well. My favorite veggies to add are fresh ones – chopped zucchini or broccoli, especially. Chopped onion is always amazing, too. But the day I made this recipe, we were in serious need of a grocery store. The only veggies I had on hand were sweet peas and corn that I picked up somewhere when they were practically giving it away. Although tasty, canned peas and corn only barely count as vegetables to me. But you work with what you’ve got.

Corn and Peas

Get Ready to Eat

One nice thing about this version of Chicken Noodle Stuff, it’s fast and easy to put together. Once you stir everything up, you just need to let it warm up for a few minutes and you’re ready to eat.

Chicken Noodle Stuff 1

When I use fresh vegetables in a dish like this, I just add them to the skillet with the chicken (if the chicken is already cooked). You can also steam them separately on the stove or in the microwave, or roast them in the oven.

Chicken Noodle Stuff 2

Chicken Noodle Stuff isn’t the prettiest meal, but it is an inexpensive, warm, and comforting way to feed your family when money is tight.

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