January – Month of the Goof – Coffee, Bacon, Beer, Football

Happy New Year!

Here at A Goof and a Loon, using coffee, bacon, beer, and football, we are taking the month of January to celebrate my Goof, Jeff Ransdell!

January is the Month of the Goof Cover Picture

January is the Month of the Goof

My Goof is one of the best human beings I have ever known. He is loving and kind-hearted, with a wicked sense of humor that is just twisted enough to still catch me by surprise. I’ve loved him since I was 16 years old (although we lost touch for nearly 30 years before reconnecting with each other again. (A wondrous story I promise to write about someday!))

My Goof’s birthday is January 17th. This is why I am dedicating the month of January to him.

We will be focusing (mostly, not exclusively) on four things my honey has a deep fondness for – coffee, bacon, beer, and football. I’m sure that many of you are a fan of a least one of those things, too! If so, save this post. You’re welcome to share it around, too! As we publish content for his birthday this month, I will add the links right here to make it easier for you to find it all.

After all, with topics as important as Coffee, Bacon, Beer, and Football, you don’t want to miss a thing, right?

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