Easy Card Bag – FREE Crochet Pattern

This Easy Card Bag FREE Crochet Pattern is perfect for advanced beginners who know their basic stitches and can read a pattern. The bag shown measures 4.5 X 6 inches in size, but you can easily adapt the pattern to make any size bag you need.

My Youngest Needed a Card Bag

My youngest child, Regan, has a beautiful set of cards. They were created by a favorite artist and writer, Maggie Stiefvater. These cards are quite beautiful and Regan had them in a crochet bag to keep them safe. Unfortunately, the bag is a bit beat up and too small for the cards.

Rainbow Bag1
Rainbow Bag2

Time to Create

I decided to go with the same basic design of the rainbow bag, but to make it bigger. Regan picked out yarn and I got to work.

This pattern is very easy and I had the bag finished in less than two hours. The weave is thick and protective and works well for the cards.

Finished Bag C

The bag has a tie closure, which is not only easy to create but helps the bag adapt to objects of differing sizes.

Finished Bag A

You can download your FREE PATTERN here:

Easy Card Bag Crochet Pattern

If you have any questions with it, please leave me a comment or send a message to: mysticloon@ this web site dot com! Happy Creating!

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