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Fear – A Short Scary Fiction Story

I wrote this story for a contest a couple of years ago. I decided to share it with you in honor of Friday the 13th!

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Fear – A Short Scary Fiction Story

She closed the book, placed it on the table, and finally, decided to walk through the door.

The intruder’s body was where she’d left it – knees curled to belly as if death had been agonizing. She shuddered, remembering the terror of waking up face to face with this horrifying interloper invading her most sacred space – her bedroom. The battle that followed was brutal, and swift. But now, she had to deal with the body.

At first, the panic was so severe she couldn’t catch her breath. In desperation, she’d tried reading to calm her nerves. But that hadn’t worked. She longed to call her Mom, but she knew it would be a mistake. Her Mom didn’t think she was ready to be on her own. She’d warned her about moving to this neighborhood. “Joan, that place is full of rapists and thieves,” Mom had said. Reluctantly, as she stared at the corpse before her, she wondered if her mom was right. Maybe she really was out of her league here.

But She’d Handled It

No! Joan shook her head vehemently. That’s not true. After all, she’d handled it! Even scared out of her mind and foggy with sleep, she’d recognized the danger she was in and she’d dealt with it. Okay, maybe it hadn’t been necessary to kill. Calm and reason had begun to outweigh the panic. Joan could concede that maybe she’d overreacted a little. Maybe she had a violent streak she hadn’t known about. I guess you learn something new about yourself every day.

Now She Had to Clean Up the Body

But now she had this mess to clean up. The last thing she wanted to do was go anywhere near that prone body. Even now, she suspected that she was being tricked. That the moment she got anywhere near, she’d face a state of attack from which there was no escape. But still, she couldn’t just ignore the situation. This had to be dealt with.

Two weeks before, when Joan had first moved in, she’d taken note of all the places in the building where she could be vulnerable to someone with nefarious intentions. She’d even invested in a little can of pepper spray that she kept in her pocket or purse every time she stepped out the door. She’d bought three baseball bats and placed them in strategic locations around her house, so she’d have a way to defend herself if need be. She’d tried to think of everything, wanting so badly to prove her Mother wrong.

But the FEAR

But she hadn’t been prepared for the fear she’d feel if an imagined attack became real. The fear had gripped her in its fist and acted upon her in ways that stunned her. Now she knew that under pressure, she was a warrior inside. Good to know, but now that she knew this about herself, she would have to take care not to harm any innocent person or creature. The pangs of guilt she was feeling about the monster in front of her were bad enough.

Time to Deal With the Body

And still, she had to deal with the body. All she really wanted to do was sleep but she knew there’d be no sleep until she dealt with this. She was too on edge just knowing it was there. And she sure didn’t want her mother seeing it!

The last thought is what finally propelled Joan to do what she needed to do. Shuddering, she got to her feet. Before she could lose her resolve again, she quickly walked over to the body on the floor, carefully picked it up, and threw the spider away.

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