February 5 2017 is Game Day

Football Season has gone by fast this year and February 5 2017 is Game Day! It is officially upon us and it all comes down to the Falcons and the Patriots. Who will win the big game?

February 5, 2017 is Game Day Cover Picture

February 5 2017 is Game Day

I came to NFL football late in life. My dad followed the Green Bay Packers when we lived in the upper peninsula of Michigan. I watched him cheer on “his” St. Louis football Cardinals when we lived there. He rooted for the Broncos when we lived in Denver, and and got his heart broken by the Rams when he and mom moved to Los Angeles. It might have been his rabid fanaticism that scared me away from the game for all those years, but in 1983 all that changed.

That Ol’ Black Magic

In that magical year, I moved to Lake Charles, Louisiana. For reasons I can only guess at (voodoo, black magic, the curse that old gypsy woman put on me?) I became a New Orleans Saints fan. From that time on I have been a follower of the NFL. Sundays I would get up early so that I could watch as much pre-game coverage as I could. I lived for the analysis, obsessed over the weekly winning picks, and got a little teary-eyed at the replays of classic NFL footage. I didn’t turn the TV off until after the last game and its associated post-game post-mortem were complete.

The Amazing NFL Game Pass

A couple of years ago, my beloved wife got me the NFL Game Pass. This allows me to listen to any NFL game live and watch the game the following day. I also have access to all of those wonderful NFL Network programs. And I can go back into the archives and watch games that were played long before I came to appreciate the game. For a football junkie, it’s heaven.

The New England Patriots

Now because I have all of this access to NFL games, I felt obligated to follow all of the games that brought us down to the two teams that will face off at NRG Stadium in Houston on February fifth. I have to be honest, I would have loved to see the Texans play the big game in their home stadium, but alas, the Patriots put an end to that dream in the divisional playoffs, beating the Texans 34 – 16. Dang!

The Atlanta Falcons

I have shared with you the fact that I am a diehard New Orleans Saints fan, so if you know anything about the NFC South, it is that Saints fans hate the Atlanta Falcons with the passion of a thousand suns. This feeling goes back a long way and runs right down to the bone. And yet, there they are, those “dirty birds”, from a city whose only claims to fame are the facts that they were once burned to the ground and that their airport loses more bags each year than any other airport in the nation, getting ready to do battle in the biggest game of the year. Even more hurtful was the fact that they ran right over my beloved Green Bay Packers to get there. I know that if my dad was looking down from football heaven, he was pissed!!!

Patriots or Falcons

And who will Atlanta face off against? Do not get me started on the New England Patriots. This team can’t even decide for certain, who they represent. New England? That’s not a city, it’s a poorly-defined region for cryin’ out loud. Basically, it’s “Canada South”! And the team’s reputation for bugging the opposing teams’ locker rooms, underinflating balls when it suits them, sending spies to record the opposing teams’ workouts, and on and on, is shameful. But come February fifth, they will be taking the biggest stage in the NFL. Ah well.

A Good But Disappointing Season

It was a long season and it didn’t turn out quite the way I had hoped, but it was still a beautiful, hard-fought season with some outstanding plays and some incredible individual performances. As with every season, we discovered some new talent, said goodbye to some icons of the game, and created some new curse words for the officiating crews. I’m sorry I came to football so late in my life, but my love and appreciation for the game hasn’t diminished one iota. And you can bet that next season I will be renewing my NFL Game Pass and bleeding black and gold for my Saints. I may get my heart broken again, but maybe…just maybe “next year will be our year”!

February 5, 2017 is Game Day. Are you going to be watching?

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