Picture Refreshing – Lighting, Clarifying, and Minor Editing

If you are like me and many other bloggers and web designers I know, you may have pictures on your blog or website – perhaps from older posts – that you just aren’t happy with. Perhaps they are too dark, or a bit unclear – but they just don’t show off how amazing your recipe or craft item as well as you would like.

One option for fixing this is to make the recipe or craft again so you can take new pictures. But this can be quite expensive and time consuming.

I would love to help!

Picture Refreshing VA Service

As you can see in the included examples, I don’t have the greatest camera – or great camera skills. (Although I am getting better – when I have a chance to practice.) Because of this, I have learned how to do a pretty decent editing job on my pictures – brightening and clarifying them to make them look much better than they did originally. I would LOVE to help you out with your “problem pictures” too, with my picture refreshing VA service.

NOTE: I do not use Photoshop. I cannot do fancy edits – like removing your hand from the handle of a spoon in your picture. But if you have minor edits in mind, or simply want some freshening and brightening – I’d love to talk!

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PRICE – .50 cents per picture – or 12 pictures for $5.

Have a bunch of pictures to refresh? Send me a message with more information and we will work out a price together!

If you have questions, feel free to message me!

If you already know how many pictures you want edited, just let me know when you message me. Once we agree on a price and details, I will send you an invoice through Paypal and a contract (if applicable) through email.


If you have photos in need of some simple help, let’s talk!

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