Ugly Pork Loin Spinach Surprise – A Tasty Fail

One night when Goof and I were feeling creative, this Ugly Pork Loin Spinach Surprise was born. We can’t call it an Epic fail, because we both thought it tasted really delicious. But the finished product was too embarrassed to show its face, and you probably wouldn’t want to share it with guests. Unless it was at an “Ugly foods” gathering. (Which actually sounds kind of fun!)

It Seemed Like a Great Idea!

Goof and I had a pork loin that was waiting for us to do something yummy to it. So, we got to thinking. This can be a scary thing sometimes. I’m just sayin’.

We are big fans of using what we have in the kitchen (which is often a bit random) and seeing what we can come up with. We knew we had some spinach and mushrooms to use up, so we chopped the mushrooms and mixed them together in a bowl.

Spinach & Mushroom 1

There was a can of Cream of Mushroom soup on the pantry shelf – which we connected with the mushrooms in the spinach – so of course, we had to use that.

Cream of Mushroom Soup

We decided that we would stuff the pork loin with the spinach and mushrooms and bake it, sitting on the mushroom soup. The thought was that the juices of the meat with the soup might make a sort of “gravy-ish” kind of wonderfulness.

We lined a pan with foil first because it really sucks when your experiment adheres to the pan and makes a simple task torturous for the person who washes it. Then spread our soup out. So far, so good.

Soup Pan

When we opened the pork loin package, we realized it was in two long halves. So we laid them side by side in the pan. Then we stuffed spinach and mushrooms into the space between.

Stuffed Pork 1

At this point, I mentioned that having a little cheese or something to go in there might be good. My honey hurried to the fridge and pulled this out.

Garden Vegetable Cream Cheese

We dropped little dabs of the Garden Vegetable Cream Cheese up and down the pile of spinach and mushrooms…

Stuffed Pork 2

And then buried it under more spinach and mushrooms.

Stuffed Pork 3

Perhaps We Should Have Stopped There

I suppose we could have stopped there. And perhaps we should have. But what would be the fun in that?

Besides, I was hankering for mashed potatoes. Maybe I suddenly got confused and thought that we were making Shepherd’s Pie instead of baked Pork Loin. I don’t know. But no sooner had I whined, “I don’t feel like making fresh mashed potatoes!” than my honey pulled out some cheesy instant mashed potatoes from the cabinet. And by that, I mean that they were cheese-flavored instant mashed potatoes, and not that they were “cheesy.” Although, I suppose instant mashed potatoes ARE cheesy, so there is that.

But he whipped those cheesy potatoes up. He whipped them like a man!


More Canned Green Chile!

By the time he was done making the Cheesy Mashed Potatoes, we decided that they would be even better with green chile in them. (Of course, we ended up using more of it from a can.)

Green Chile Cheesy Mashed Potatoes

Yes. Canned green chile in our instant mashed potatoes. It seems wrong on so many levels.


Canned green chile is just so handy sometimes. So are instant mashed potatoes. Sigh . . . moving on.

We spooned the potatoes into the pan, basically surrounding the pork loin like it had been taken captive by a fluffy, yet insurmountable foe.

Surrounded by Fluff

Well, That Happened

And that is, officially, the last photo ever taken of that pork loin.

When it came out of the 350 degree oven – three hours or so later – it was falling apart tender. It was absolutely delicious. The cheesy potatoes combined with the green chile and mushroom soup in this amazing flavor combination that went so well with the juicy and tender meat. My honey and I were in “little piggy heaven“, as he likes to say.

Meal Incognito

However, if I were to describe to you what it looked like…well, that would be bad. Or at least, not good. It was just a big old mess . . . and if we weren’t the ones to cook it, so that I was absolutely certain what was in it, I probably wouldn’t have eaten it. I would, at least, be dubious about it.


Well, they can’t all be winners, can they? At least it tasted great – even if it looked horrible. Sometimes, food looks beautiful, but tastes awful.

This way was a lot more fun!

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4 comments on Ugly Pork Loin Spinach Surprise – A Tasty Fail

  1. Haha… it sounded delicious… until green chile because I don’t like green chile 😛 I am disappointed that I don’t get to see the end-product. 🙁

    1. LOL More green chile for us, then! 😉 I’m sorry you are disappointed. I just couldn’t make myself take pictures of the mess. It really looked quite horrible. lol

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