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Welcome to Our Blog – A Confession

Welcome to A Goof and a Loon! My name is Mystic (the Loon) and I have a confession to make. I am rather obsessed with food.

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My Food Confession

This confession would probably come as absolutely no surprise to people who know me. I am a very large woman and I’m sure that many people look at me and assume I eat all the time. I don’t.

But, once upon a time, I did. Once upon a time, I had a pretty serious issue with compulsive overeating and I worked really hard to get over that. I went to Overeaters Anonymous meetings and worked the 12 steps and everything. I rarely “use” food anymore. But I’m still pretty obsessed with it, even if the nature of the obsession has changed.

Throughout my life, food and emotions have gone hand in hand. Many of my own memories of special occasions involve food, at least somewhat. But I know that I am far from alone in this. Food has that affect on most of us, I think. We obsess over that special dish our grandma always made at Thanksgiving, or smile at the knowledge that our mom makes the only liver and onions we even remotely consider edible.

There is Comfort in Food

Food can even make unpleasant experiences better. I remember many years ago, my mom and I went to visit an aunt and uncle of mine. They weren’t our favorite relatives and we only had a so-so time, but we sure do smile when we talk about raiding Aunt M’s kitchen during the night when we couldn’t sleep, and grabbing ourselves some fresh cherry pie. Neither of us even liked cherry pie that much, but Aunt M could seriously bake a pie, and no matter what flavor it was, you were sure to love it. That’s a skill to be proud of.

Food is a healer and a comforter and a source of joy. However, those things can turn on you if you seek comfort in food too often and in unhealthy quantities. My lifelong journey with food has often been very unhealthy. Nowadays, it’s reasonably healthy – healthy enough that although I am tremendously overweight, my bad knees are my only serious health issue. I would really like to release some of this weight, though. It isn’t about being thin or reaching some socially acceptable goal weight. It’s not even about looking better, although I would like to stop being so self conscious in public. Mostly, I would simply like to feel better. I’d like to be able to walk the way I used to. I’d like to have the energy to go out and do all the things I dream about going out and doing.

I Want to Enjoy My Food Obsession

I also want to enjoy my food obsession. Frankly, I want to give in to it and just embrace the hell out of it, but not in the unhealthy ways I used to – back in the bad old days.

I remember when I would just mindlessly eat things – not really tasting them or thinking about them at all – just eating as I thought my thoughts and felt my feels. It was like I was eating the emotions themselves.

But there was always another part of me – a healthier and happier part of me – that loved food for the way that it brought people together. I loved how you can nurture people through cooking them a delicious meal or a special dessert. You can put a smile on a child’s face by handing them a cookie, or ease someone’s sniffles with a warm bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup. I bought my first cookbook in grade school (and bought my first craft book around that time, too) and I’ve been collecting them ever since.

Time to Have Some Fun

There are so many recipes I’ve dreamed of trying – but never have. There are so many cooking techniques I’ve wanted to learn, but either didn’t have the money or didn’t have the time to learn. I want to learn how to make the food Gordon Ramsay makes. I want to learn all about making delicious gluten-free desserts. Although I’m a meat eater, I would love to explore vegetarian and vegan recipes. And I want to try a lot of flavors I have never tried. And I want to share the things I have learned so far – like how to cook some yummy food even when you barely have the money to afford groceries.

My husband, Jeff (the Goof), is the best companion I could ask for on this journey. He loves food and cooking and is curious to explore the culinary world right along with me. Together, we hope to make some stuff and learn some stuff and share it with all of you.

One Bite at a Time

I often refer to my excess weight as my “fat suit” and know that I put it on for some very important reasons. Most of those reasons no longer exist and I am ready to release the majority of this “fat suit.” It can be tricky, finding the best way to shed the weight in my situation, but one thing I know. My fat suit went on one bite at a time.

I believe that I can take it off the same way – one bite at a time!

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